"To live without reflection for so long might make you wonder if you even truly exist."
We are beautiful, we are important, we matter, and we deserve to be REFLEKTED.
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#ReflektMeOriginators is way more than pictures for the gram. Its a movement!

Reflekt Me wants to create a world where diversity and inclusion are celebrated and validated during the online shopping experience. 

We seek to change the fashion and beauty industry’s body representation narrative by diversifying the sizes of and use of real people to model clothing on online retail eCommerce websites. We will expand this highly personalized experience across all industries.


Joining our Originator program will give you access to influencer workshops, training, and masterclasses from successful influencers, access to popular brands, opportunities to grow your followers, and free products. 


We are looking for:







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Application is Open

The Advantages of Membership

Free Products

We will send you a bunch of different things. Clothing, hair care products, make-up, and consumer goods. Anything that you review, use, or model on our behalf you get to keep!


Repost and Retweet

Anytime we use the content you created we will give you credit. In addition, we will repost and retweet your content as well. 


Mentorship and Growth

We are a Tech Start-up working to change the world. We know how important mentorship and growth is to your personal journey. So we are going to connect you with people that can help you hone your skills and grow your audience. 

How it Works



Click the "Apply" button and complete the application.



Tell Your Friends

We are looking for regular people, seasoned influencers, and new content creators. Everyone has a place on our team. 


Make Great Content

It's not about being perfect. It's about growing, learning, and making an impact. Once you join our team we will help change the way people see us and the world we live in. 

Application is Open

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